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Saturday, 17th November 2007


In Video: Christmas enchantment like nowhere else on Earth

15-christmasvideo-00.jpg‘Tis the season to be enchanted! The 25th Anniversary Christmas Season officially launched this past weekend under a flurry of snowfall and thousands of sparkling lights, for two whole months the resort transformed into a festive winter wonderland. Now, discover the entire season — in an exclusive official video!

Agrabah Café re-opens with 1001 delights

14-agrabahcafe-00.jpgDisneyland Park has just officially upped its eatery count, and no — not another Coca-Cola food kiosk! The long-awaited reopening of Adventureland’s mythical Agrabah Café finally took place just one week ago, bringing much-needed variety and a thoroughly enchanting atmosphere to the table.

New brochure, no Tower

13-newbrochure-00.jpgSpring/Summer 2008, and not a Tower in sight… It seems only moments since the previous Autumn/Winter brochure was thrust under our dissecting eyes, now the next brochure is already available to order. What does the cover tell us? “More of the same”…

Euro Disney Annual Report announces losses halved by 50%, attendance smashing the 14-million

ImageIt’s Annual Report day for Euro Disney S.C.A., the operating group “behind the magic” of Disneyland Resort Paris! Usually a nervous moment for all involved, financial year 2007 shows nothing but progress — attendance at an all-time high, losses halved and hotels filling up.

In the crush for Crush, Fastpass gets a “no”

05-fastpasscrush-00.jpgAt least, from those on the front lines. The jury’s still out on whether or not Crush’s Coaster should be equipped with the Disney’s Fastpass system. Following two weeks of a trial service, Cast Members and operations say “disaster”, but will the chiefs still bow to public demand?

Inside, on-board and backstage the Paris Tower of Terror …in video!

ImageGerman TV promo ‘Disney Filmparade’ has presented an astonishing look at the final stages in The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror’s creation. Through a unique 8-minute video, we can finally discover the libraries, boiler rooms, haunted corridors, drop shafts — and backstage — of our very own Hollywood Tower!

Stitch goes Live in March - dates announced

05-stitchlive-00.jpgStitch Live, the fourth attraction of the 15th year will reportedly open on 22nd March 2008, giving Disneyland Resort Paris the impressive claim to opening four major new attractions within the space of nine months. And, this being a “live” production, there’ll be the chance to see many real rehearsals in the weeks before.

Forgotten lights of Hollywood flicker into life

04-hollywoodlights-001.jpgWhat would all the landmark Disney attractions be without their nighttime illuminations? The Tower of Terror is up there with the best of them, and now testing its spectacular display of eerie colours and lights, glowing on the Marne-la-Vallée skyline…

‘Dreams of Christmas’ lineup confirmed

04-dreamschristmas-00.jpgWith Christmas Season now just days away, the full lineup for the first festive edition of Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade has been confirmed. The parade will indeed remain intact throughout the entire festive season, joined by a special finale of… you guessed it, Christmas dreams!

La Quatrième Dimension, c’est en Français

04-quatriemedimen-00.jpgThe Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is ready and waiting for its victims; For the past two weeks, testing endlessly throughout the day and allowing the resort’s Cast Members to be the very first to ride. Though photos and videos are strictly banned, words can still tell us enough… but which language?

Playhouse Disney - Live at the Studios?

04-playhousedisney-001.jpgSo, you still want more new attractions at Walt Disney Studios Park? Maybe want to see some of Disney’s fresher-faced heroes in the spotlight, such as the stars of the Playhouse Disney channel? Sit tight until 2009, and it seems like you’ll be in luck!

Pin Trading November 2007 releases

Pin TradingNovember’s circus of pin releases at Disneyland Resort Paris look set to bring us an enchanted Christmas with dreams of romance, the buzz of Walt Disney Studios, and the… Hannah Montana of… two parks’ chateaux? Yes, the full list is here!

Tower of Terror: 22nd December 2007

01-tower22nddec-00.jpgThe Twilight Zone Tower of Terror will open on Saturday, 22nd December 2007. The biggest and most important single new attraction to open at Disneyland Resort Paris since 1995′ is due to open its creaking hotel doors to the public a full three months before the press and VIPs get a look.

Woody’s elaborated roundup village

01-woodysroundup-00.jpgThe new Woody’s Roundup Village has been given extra props and new details to expand its toy cowboy theme. The area on the far side of Frontierland, previously the Critter Corral animal farm, had only a minimal overlay when it first opened at the start of the Halloween festival.

Video: Final HSM On Tour, rides & interview with Corbin Bleu at Walt Disney Studios

ImageHere it is, the final part of our Corbin Bleu mini-series! We’ve seen the High School Musical 2 star meeting journalists, starring in his own pre-parade, making a cameo in the final High School Musical On Tour and riding the attractions of the Studios. Now, you can see it all in two exclusive videos!